5 Top Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

5 Top Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

That time of the year has finally arrived! After months of uncertain temperatures, Britain has got hit by the hot weather too, at last. For many of you, a hot summer equals to BBQ parties, musical festivals and outdoors activities. But for those who can't stand the heat and look forward to winter times, we've got you sorted. Here's 5 Top alternative ways to stay cool this summer.

1. Amsterdam Icebar

Amsterdam Icebar is one of the most exciting attractions in the party capital of Europe. Once you get there, you’ll receive three free tokens. Two silver and one golden token. You can exchange these tokens at our two bars. The first bar you’ll enter is our ‘heated’ front bar. Here you can exchange your ice bar Amsterdam golden token and order a large Heineken beer, glass of wine, cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage. After you’ve visited the ice bar Amsterdam’s front bar, you will enter the actual ice bar in the back. You’ll be handed warm clothing like a coat and gloves to surmount the -10°C. Find out more here.

2. Ice Climbing 

Another experience that will make you forget of summer is ice climbing, available all time in London and Manchester. Whether you're an experienced ice climber, mountaineer or simply a thrill seeker looking to try out ice climbing for the first time - Vertical Chill is an exhilarating experience for everyone. Discover more here.

3. Icehotel 

Whatever the weather, this Swedish hotel keep cold lovers happy all year long. There's nothing better than a frozen bed in the middle of summer, right? Watch this video to discover more about it now.

4. Indoor Ski Slopes

For those who love skiing and can't wait for their white holidays, it's now possible to opt for the closest ski slope even in the hottest days. Discover more here.

5. Space Tourism

Several private companies in the US have been starting to take humans to space, most for the first time. And, if all goes to plan, this could be a vital step towards making space more accessible. 2019 is said to be going to be the culmination of two decades of development work that have gone into space tourism. Virgin Galactic, is one of these, who on 13 December 2018 conducted their first trip to near space. The pilots Mark Stucky and Frederick Sturckow, took Virgin’s spaceplane VSS Unity to an altitude of 82.7 kilometres (51.4 miles). This year, the company plans to conduct more test flights, with the possibility of taking its first passengers. So who knows?! If you can afford a quite expensive little trip, then it is definitely an option to bare in mind!