Our Garment Recycling Scheme



£140m worth of clothing goes to landfill every year. That’s why it is vital to pass your old clothes on, rather than letting them go to waste. But it doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can now use Friend or Faux’s buy-back scheme to return old pieces of clothing for 20% off your next order. 


Whether it’s your old Friend or Faux tees, hoodies, bottoms or jackets, you can help extend their life. Working with Friend or Faux, Green Heart Collective is a social enterprise that takes care of old stock and returns, finding it a new home. After Friend or Faux receives your old clothes, Green Heart Collective will help to sort them into what can be resold or donated. Even if your clothes aren’t in tip-top condition, they can still keep somebody warm. And at the last resort, any worn or damaged goods can be recycled to be made into new garments. That’s much better than burying it in landfill!


The more we can keep our clothes moving, the more we can reduce waste and, at the same time, give clothing to those who need it most. 

Return Address

Friend or Faux

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Team Valley Trading Estate North


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