This year at Friend or Faux we have taken a massive step to try and improve our sustainability and reduce any negative environmental impact we have as much as possible.

So far we have reduced our waste going to landfill drastically by donating all our unsellable returns to an amazing social enterprise working to combat over consumption. Green Heart Collective are great bunch who work to keep as many reusable products out of the ground as possible and that includes the slightly imperfect goods and customer returns that they take off our hands.

We have also made sure that all the consumables (mailer bags, dust bags, etc.) are all fully recyclable, had a major crackdown on incorrect waste recycling and are actively promoting amongst the team better practices in the way we act personally.

Our goal is to make the world a better place for everyone living in it which is a constant work in progress but every journey starts with a single step.

As of 2022 we will no longer be mass producing our products overseas. Garments will be produced locally to avoid both unnecessary transport from the manufacturers to us and also having to make excessive amount of stock in order to hit minimum order quantities. To hear more about this Click Here.

We will also be offering a garment buyback scheme with our friends at Green Heart Collective. You send us an old piece of clothing which would otherwise be going in the bin and in return we will give you 20% off your next order. We're hoping that by doing this we can give a tee or hoodie another lease of life and keep it from sitting in landfill.  

Of course we aren't perfect and we're a million miles from where we want to be; so if you have any suggestions we are always open to them. Give us a message at with any ideas you have for improving our impact on the planet.